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HOW-TO: Tucking on a Longboard

MOBOT and 2011 World Cup downhill longboarding champ Max Wippermann talks aerodynamics and explains how any longboarder can learn to be just as comfortable tucking on a longboard while bombing a downhill run as he is. Learning to tuck on a board while bombing downhill runs is awkward and scary, but Max has got his tuck on lock and he’s got some serious knowledge on the subject; I don’t know anyone I’d rather learn to tuck from! Hopefully this video will help you take your downhill longboarding to speed demon status.

Step 1: Chapstick
Step 2: Downhill Board
Step 3: Get Low
Step 4: Jam back knee to front calf muscle
Step 5: Thigh to chest
Step 6: Grip and rip

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