Motion Boardshop Team Rider Profile: Sam Galus - Motion Boardshop
Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Rider Profile: Sam Galus

1. Name? Sam "The Goose" Galus
2. Age? 17
3: Where do you live? Seattle, WA
4. How long have you been skating for? Almost 3 years
5. What's your go-to setup? Omen Longboards Spawn, Caliber 44 Trucks and Metro Wheels
6. Favorite skate spot of all-time? Definitely Giants Head
7. What are you doing when you're not skating? School and taking pictures
8. What's your favorite trick for impressing the ladies? switch meat curtain forsure 
9. Favorite quote (skate related or not)? "I will always be there when you fall" - The Ground
10. What's the best part about being a Motion Boardshop team rider? The amazing vibe from everyone at the shop and the huge amount of support they give towards everybody regardless of if they're a team rider or not.
11. What's the best piece of advice you can give other longboarders looking to get sponsored? Stay unsponsored as long as you can. Don't make your first video and send it to every company you know, keep shredding and pushing yourself to be the best skater you can without ending up with a sponsor you regret having down the road.
12. Anything else we should know about you? Omen longboards or die!!