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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Bear: Gen 5 Grizzly 852 Longboard Skateboard Trucks


Motion Note: Bear Grizzly trucks are a versatile cast truck with a sleek appearance. Tight bushing seats give the trucks a stable centerpoint while the flippable hangars let the rider choose between quick-turning response or stability. Available in 40 and 52 degree baseplates, the Bear Grizzly longboard trucks provide the rider with the best of both worlds in terms of maneuverability and stability. The 52* plates are the most carvable of the Bear truck series. When the hangers are not flipped the angle is 57*, resulting in a lot of carvability and responsiveness. When flipped the hanger angle is at 47* which is far more stable but still high enough to get leverage on turns and maintain its carving potential. The axle is 181mm wide, providing a nice stable stance. 852's are amazing freeride trucks, the level of response and customizability due to the bushing seat really lets you dial in the level of restriction you'll want. When it comes time to start bombing and racing your friends, flip the hanger and you have a wickedly competitive down hill speed truck. How does this flipping measurement work? Well, the bushing seat is recessed in the hanger, and the bushing seat and pivot nub are angled. So from the middle of the pivot cup to the middle of the axle is 57 degrees for carving and flipped for downhill it is 47 degrees.

*gen 5