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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Funbox: 34" Slide Longboard Skateboard Deck


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Motion Note: Looking to have fun skating wherever you go? Look no further than the Churchill 34" Slide Deck! The urban-shredder, the skate-everything machine, whatever you want to call it, this board is it! The concave and kicktail culminates to make all sorts of tricky maneuvers possible, as well as its compact and easy to navigate through tight or non-favorable settings. Throw on 9" trucks, either TKP's for more skate-esque or RKP's for more cruise, and get slashing! 

Length Width Wheelbase Features
34" 9.25" 21-23"

 CNC wheelwells, 3D concave, radial concave

variable wheelbases, sick kicktail