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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

DB: Contra Longboard Skateboard Deck


Motion Note: The new Contra is DB's newest freeride and downhill oriented deck. The stiff construction and the 1.125" dropped platform makes this board a freeride dream. The drop allows for added stability and an ease of slide, making great for high speed freeriding or downhill. With 2 different sizes of 38.5" and 35.5" it can fit riders of any size into the comfy drops. Multiple wheelbase options allow for either a more nimble or more stable setup and overall maximum fun!

Size Standing Platform Wheelbase Drop Width
 38.5" | 35.5" 24.5" | 21.25" 30" 31" | 27" 28" 1.125" 10" | 9.5"