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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Free Ballins Longboard Skateboard Wheels


Motion Note: Ballins are the fast freeride wheel of the Free lineup. The hubset shape gives you the easy sliding qualities of a side-set wheel, but retains its edge like an offset wheel. This gives you maximum control and consistent initiation into slides at all speeds. Whether you're putting around trails at 20 miles per hour or raging into hairpins at 35 miles per hour, you'll get the same kick out into slides either way. From there, you can sit on top of the wheel for a glidey, but grabby slide. Another cool feature is how the lips are rounded and bevelled. Unlike other wheels, they're beveled in such a way that they do not get lippy when worn down. Making the wheel, virtually feel the same through its entirety. Get yourself a set of these and feel Free no matter where you slide. 

Height Contact Patch Durometer Core Placement
70mm 38mm 78a Hubset