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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Free: Thoughts Longboard Skateboard Wheels


Motion Note: If you want easy slides all around, the Free Quincys and Thoughts are for you! Platinum formula has an immaculate slide from start to finish; the initiation is seamless, the slide keeps going for a long time and the hookup is just as smooth as everything else. They're perfect for lighter riders because they don't require much force to kick out and the slide doesn't slow you down too quickly. Along with that, they do not drop huge 'thane lines, but they also last much longer because of that. They will thane for bigger riders, but even then, it isn't super heavy. Consistent with all pavements, slidey as hell, fun freeride wheels. 

Height  Durometer Contact Patch Misc.
70mm 79a 43mm

Sideset, round lips, 

stone ground finish