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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Landyachtz: 2016 Drop Carve Longboard Complete


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Motion Note: The Drop Carve from Landyachtz offers all the shreddable, fun flexy vibes you could want. It's a drop-through, symmetrical, twin kick deck, meaning you're lower to the ground with kicktails to allow for any freestyle or dancing possible. The flex makes carving more fun and enjoyable, which when coupled with 852's gives a maneuverable and rad feeling. Fatty hawgs cap it off to give you all the control and dampening necessary for gnar roads

Deck Trucks Wheels Misc

Drop Carve (37" or 40" long,

8.6 or 9.3" wide, 23.9" or 27.4" WB)

Bear 852's 70mm 78a Fatty Hawgs Spaceballs, mellow flex, twin kicks