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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Landyachtz: Street Hawgs Longboard Wheels


Motion Note: Street Hawgs from Landyachtz are an awesome line of versatile, smaller wheels. The softest, yellow 82a durometer comes in the 57, 62 and 67mm versions. This duro will be the best for freeride and cruising around. They're sugary when sliding, leave huge thane lines and offer a consistent, predictable and smooth slide. The 90a offer more of a hybrid ride, allowing the extra roll speed from hardness, but not sacrificing control when sliding. But, they'll still be a little slipperier for sure and have a glidier slide. The 99a are your park and tech-sliding wheels, made for smooth surfaces, roll speed in parks and spinny slides everywhere else. 

 Height  Contact Patch Durometer Bearing Mount
57, 62 or 67mm 23mm 82a, 90a, 99a Centerset