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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Midnight Green Caliber II RKP Longboard Skateboard Trucks


New *LIMITED* Midnight Satin colors from Caliber, same great trucks with cool new colors

Motion Note: Caliber has stepped up a number of technical aspects and have come out with their new and improved Caliber II's! Still the same 10" hanger, still have 44's for speed and 50's for fun, but renovations have been made on all fronts to improve the trucks in a number of ways. They changed the bushing seat and added a step to increase rebound and response with whatever bushings you put in. Also, they revamped the pivot cup to reduce slop and get a more solid surface area with the pivot point. All of these features effect the ride, but they've also adapted a new heat-treating system to add considerable amounts of strength so they will not bend and last a life time. Aesthetically, they also changed their paint scheme to add more gleam while reducing the weight added due to excess paint. If you were already a fan of the OG calibers, these will make you ecstatic and you'll make the switch today!