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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Omen: Dreadnaught Longboard Skateboard Deck


Motion Note: The Dreadnaught is one of newest downhill additions to Omen's lineup and is stable, comfortable, and built to last. Five degrees of wedging makes the front turn based and performance driven, while the five degrees of dewedging in the back makes it stable and solid. With W in the back, you always know where your feet are and can dial in where you need to dig into your rail to get as much leverage as needed. The light weight element eliminates the slow feel some drop decks can have, and also doubles to make commuting more fun. 45 degree Bolzen Trucks would compliment this perfectly, along with Blood Orange Alpines.

 Length Width Wheelbase Concave Features
36" 9.75" 29.25" Deep tub and W

1" drop, 5 degree wedge, 5 degree dewedge,

tsunami-tech construction, tapered platform