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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Omen: Griffon Longboard Skateboard Deck


Motion Note: The Griffon has a concave scheme only fit to be named after a mythical creature. The concave, along with the mounting style of the board, gives you the locked in feeling of a drop deck, while maintaining the grip and performance of a topmount. With 1/3" drop, rocker and subtle W, your feet are making contact with a feature at all times and give you an assurance that you won't slip off during intense moments. That being said, this deck is great for downhill, freeride or any variation of riding that you need a little help from good ole concave!

Length  Width


35.5" 9.75" 27.5"

1/3" radial drop pockets, mustache rocker,

subtle W, radial concave, bad ass graphic