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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Omen: Mini Barbarian Longboard Skateboard Deck


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Motion Note: One of Omen's newest releases, the Barbarian, is an all-inclusive drop deck that those who enjoy low profiles will love. The combination of one inch of drop and .6" of concave creates pockets that both freeriders, downhillers and cruisers will love. For freeride, you get maximum leverage and control of your slides due to being closer to the ground and the pockets locking you right in. When doing downhill runs, you get an extra boost of stability, as well as distinct places to lock in a tuck or dig into to nail that pre-drift. If you're just cruising around, all of the features won't get in the way and you'll have a solid low rider to tool around town with. For a versatile and dank setup, throw on some Atlas Trucks and Orangatang Kilmers. 

2016 Update: New Tsunami Tech from Omen makes their concave schemes more articulated and precise, as well as are lighter and easier to maneuver. Higher durability and higher performance, get stoked on it! 
 Length Width Wheelbase Concave Features
37" 9.5" 30-32" .6" + subtle double U 1" drop, variable wheelbases, 9 plies of mable