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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Omen: Mini Sugar 2.0 Longboard Skateboard Deck


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Motion Note: The well-loved Omen Sugar now has a toddler brother, the Mini Sugar 2.0! The board is exactly what the name entails, it is a condensed and mellower version of the Sugar. With 2.5" of length cut off and a solid 1/2 in width gone, this board will fit smaller riders and smaller-stanced riders with ease. Or, you can just be a bigger guy who wants a smaller board to emphasize the kicktail and make it more nimble for tricky-tricks. Either way, this deck is a barrel of fun and utilizable for intense freeride in urban or steep settings. Throw on some low degree cast trucks and small, slidey wheels and have a good time! 

 Length Width Wheelbase Features
35.5" 9" 22.5"

1/2" radial concave, rocker,

1/4" drop, wheel-flares