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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Omen: Sugar 38" Longboard Skateboard Deck


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Motion Note: The Sugar has been a staple of Omen's lineup, and is even more banging with their new construction! With their lighter and stronger Tsunami Tech, the board is easier to throw around with a more functional kicktail, the concave is more precise, and the ligther weight makes it perform all around easier. The concave scheme is classic 3D wheel flares, radial and rocker to give you perfect places for all sorts of slides or to hold you into your tuck. With the flushmounting, you have a slightly lower ride height and even truck degrees despite the rocker. Plus, a big kicktail makes every feature shreddable, and stokes out skaters and longboarders alike. 44* Calibers and Venom Curb Stompers would complete this setup for a rocking time!

 Length Width Wheelbase Features
38" 9.5" 23.5-26.5"

Variable wheelbases, 3D concave, flushmounting

wheelwells, rocker, kicktail, radial concave