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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Rayne: Bromance Longboard Skateboard Deck


Motion Note: New for 2016 is the Mike Fitter pro model, otherwise known as the Bromance. This kicktailed tompount fits the riding style of Mr.Fitter very well, freeride, downhill and any trick you can think of that involves a kicktail. These features allow this board to be very versatile for any type of shredding you can think of. This board has micro drops combined with mellow rocker to comfortably lock your feet in for all of the fast slides and cornering you can throw at it. If you want a topmount downhill and freeride machine that can get you up a curb, we suggest you check out the bromance! Try this deck out with 44 degree Calibers and Free Ballins for a sweet freeride complete! 

Length Width Wheelbase Features
39" 9.5" 23.5-26.5

Rocker Platform - the middle of the deck is lowered for extra comfort and to emphasize the pocket feel.

Wheel Flares- Raised edges on the sides of the board allows you to lock your feet in when doing standup slides, predrifts and cornering.

Sharp Edges - rails of this deck and sharp enough your feet will dig into them perfectly! 

Fat Bottom Bamboo Core - strong and light, thick and juicy, this baby's got back.

Functional Kicktail- The big kicktail in the back adds a new function to this board. When commuting around town and you find that you need to pop up or down a curb the kicktail allows you to do that with ease.