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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Rayne: Envy 64mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels


Motion Note: Rayne Envy's are some of the raddest slide wheels to on the market. Rayne did tons of prototyping before releasing their freeride wheels, and it definitely payed off because these wheels are the bees knees! The combination of their super round lips, smaller contact patch, offset core, and stone-ground finish make Rayne Envy the ultimate slide wheel for riders of all levels. The 62mm 98a Rayne Envy were designed for tech sliding, so throw some on your twin kick deck and tech out! These wheels are made with Rayne's "slide thane", a high quality, flat spot resistant urethane formula that feels like the best butter ever.

Size Durometer Core Lips Good for...
64mm 80a or 98a Centerset Rounded Tech slide, freeride, sliding

For more info on the new 62mm Rayne Envys, watch this informative and shred-formative wheel review video, starring Motion Boardshop team rider Michael Weiner: