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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Rayne: Misfortune longboard skateboard deck


Motion Note: Rayne Longboards has done it again, they took their ever so popular Rayne Fortune and hit it with a shrink ray, offering to you a smaller, more compact version of Patrick Switzer's already successful pro-model. This board features the fat bottom construction you've seen in the Fortune, giving you a setup that is not only extremely light, but very stiff at speed. To start with this board features wheel flares which create comfortable foot pockets and a wave like double ripple on all four corners of the board. Along with these features the board has integrated wheel wells,  which greatly increase wheel clearance in comparison to most topmount boards.  The Rayne Fortune also has multiple wheels base options, giving you the ability to dial in your setup just the way you like it. Overall, the smaller dimensions of this board make it ideal for a smaller rider or a rider looking for a more nimble board. If this board sounds great to you, but smaller boards are not your style, make sure to check out the Ryane Fortune

Length Width Wheelbase Features




Variable wheelbases, spoon tail

4D concave, radial concave,

fiberglass+bamboo construction, topmount