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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Restless: Shredder Fiberlam Longboard Skateboard Deck


Motion Note: The Restless Shredder has a classic drop through flex deck construction. The board is made with 6 plys of Hard Canadian Maple and 2 plys of biaxial fiberglass. It has  mellow concave, camber, and a long wheel-base for easy cruising and snappy carves. The cambered flex deck construction gives you a nice snappy carve, while the longer wheelbase makes cruising easier.  The wheel cutouts provide you with all the wheel clearance you need to loosen up you trucks and take full advantage of all the flexy carving action the Shredder can offer!  Surf your way down hills with the deep lean of a Shredder. 


Length Width Wheelbase  Concave  Features
39" 9.5" 27" Mellow Concave

Drop-through, Twin-tip, Flex Deck