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Pricematch Guarantee
Pricematch Guarantee

Sector 9: Downhill Division Bomber


Motion Note: Want a topmount to rage down hills on and be locked into? If you like W concave, then the bomber will be for you! The front bump eliminates the need for a footstop and gives you an indicator/place to lodge your foot for a tuck. On top of that, there's continuous and strong W throughout the back that you can really jam your foot into for pre-drifts or just to get that extra turn to make it through a hairpin. The W makes this deck a little difficult for switch and symmetrical freeride style riding, but for directional slides it's great. For optimum fun with this deck, sport it out with some Gullwing Chargers and Remember Farley's

Length Width Wheelbase
37.5" 9.75" 25.275-28.625

Radial Concave, front bump/W,

rear continuous W, CNC wheelwells

and variable wheelbases