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Landyachtz: CheeseGrater 2.0 Longboard Skateboard Deck

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The Cheese Grater is a new offering from LANDYACHTZ for 2017. They have created this board with the help of super shredder, and switch skating legend Alex Hannigan. This board is meant to replace the Wolfshark, and is a more simple and ergonomic iteration of the previous design. The Cheese Grater is going to incorporate the same types of drops that you have grown to love with the Wolfshark, but while incorporating a pleasant and usable mid-body that was not previously experienced with the Wolfshark. 

The Cheese Grater is an ideal deck for someone who is looking for a bi-directional freeride board that is capable of having a feet over the trucks stance with a 24" wheelbase, or a longer more stable wheelbase where your feet can stand inside of the trucks. This board can handle anything from slide shuv-its, to switch toesides, and meaty mountain bombs all on 1 deck. This is a great board for a versatile discipline, with minimal wheelbite, and flat mounting locations. 

L: 36.25" | W: 9.5" | WB: 22.5 - 29""