Paris: 150mm 50° - Longboard Skateboard Trucks

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The Paris 150mm trucks are your go-to carving truck. If you're looking to cut some serious turns and get your swerve on, then these babies are for you. The 150mm hanger allows for quicker turning and greater leverage when compared to a wider hanger. The 50° baseplate angle provides the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability and the stock 90a barrel/cone bushing combo is a perfect starting place to get you cruising and carving. The Paris 150s will get you diving deep, into those surf-like slashes in no time. 

The Paris 150mm trucks fit best on decks ranging from 7 to 8.75 inches wide (if you have a board that is wider than that range, check out the Paris 180mm or 195mm trucks). 


Mobo Note: 

These are great tucks for carving and cruising, but with a little tweaking they are also great for fast downhill skating! Buy a set of 7° Paris riser pads and throw them underneath both trucks and you are looking at a great downhill set up for gripping fast corners with your friends.  Even better, you can use a set 43° Paris baseplates if you already have some!  For some extra sauce you can de-wedge your back 43° truck with a 7° riser for a 36° rear truck and a 43° front.  Things can get pretty crazy when you are experimenting with your trucks geometry, make sure to go one step at a time and start slow when you are riding new set up you are unfamiliar with.  When changing pivot angles and hanger widths you will certainly need to compensate for the adjusted level of available leverage with different durometers of bushings.  Feel free to come into the shop to get your trucks dialed in and test out a bunch of different bushings to find what works best.  This is what we love to do and why we are here to help!