Remember: 70mm Optimo Longboard Skateboard Wheel

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The Remember Optimos are new for 2017 from Remember Collective, and they are sure to turn some heads! Remember Urethane is known for being incredibly slippery and drifty, and the Optimos are no different. The big difference now though is that the Optimos come in 4 durometers, and are poured over a supportive core, making them an ideal long lasting freeride wheel. Even though the Durometer goes all the way to 74a (yellow) you will still enjoy a controllably slippery slide that will leave faint thane lines, and provide a little more slowing down power. If you are looking for an incredibly long lasting slippery wheel that is hard to flatspot, oval, or ruin, look into the 80a (purple) for a wheel that provides an amazing bang for the buck! Regardless of which durometer you receive, the Remember Optimos are going to provide an amazing time.

Height- 70mm Tall
Width Initial - 37mm wide
Overal Width - 44mm wide
Durometers - 74a, 76a, 78a, 80a
Off Set Supportive Core
Progressive Wear Profile
Stone Ground Finish