Sector 9: 70mm Race Formula Centerset Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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Motion Note: Sector 9's race form urethane has been around forever and is well-known and loved by all. Why? You can do it all. The 78a provide a level of maximum speed killing and controllable slides. If you have a technical, turny and fast run you want to be able to spend doing stand-up slides, these are an amazing choice. Still hold a solid amount of grip, and can be easily steered while drfting into any corner. 80a (blue) is the middle of the road you would expect. Still grip, but easier initiations into slides are there as well as more of generally a freeridey vibe. 82a is nothing but slides and a good time. Number one positive about this urethane? The longevity. Any of these will be solid choices for long durability while providing consistent slides all the way down. This wheel performs even better with the new COSMIC CORE. This Sector 9 Proprietary core is in most performance wheels and will stabilize the urethane for consistent response. 

*Shreditors Note: Race Formula Wheels are without a doubt some of the most reliable and time tested wheels out there and even though they do not get lots of hype these days, they were one of the first urethanes to be amazing for gripping and roll speed while still having a consistent and performance based drift. 

Contact Patch Bearing Seat
70mm 78a , 80a 38mm Centerset
*Wheels come in sets of 4