Hawgs: 70mm Biggie Hawgs Longboard Wheels

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Motion Note: Biggie Hawgs are the go-to racing wheel for many of our shop riders. It is rare to find a wheel that is 70mm wide and still breaks out smoothly for predrifts, so when biggie hawgs came out, we were very excited. Because of the sugary urethane combined with the shape, you maintain strong grip while still having a smooth slide. Centerset means you can flip them around and wear your wheels evenly and get the most grip out of them.

Wondering which duro to go for? Heavier riders will appreciate the extra stiffness of the 80a where as lighter riders and courses with rough pavement will favor the 78a.

 Height Contact Patch Durometer Bearing Mount
70mm 70mm 76a, 78a or 80a Centerset