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Blood Orange: 69mm Smoke Series Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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Sold in sets of 4 wheels.

The new SMOKE formula is different than the Liam Morgan Pro Formula as well as the Jammerz formula and is going to be a more drifty, and playful wheel. The stone-ground contact patch on these wheels are going to make them good to go right out of the box, and the centerset bearing seat means that these wheels can be rotated as well as flipped to balance out wheel wear. 

They come in an 84a durometer that is unlike the other Blood Orange Formulas, and provides a silkier, slippery slide and wispy thane lines. This wheel is intended as a freeride wheel with its narrower contact patch and rounded lips. 

The 60mm size is better for a double kick city slasher style of board, and will be the easiest to slide. The 66mm and 69mm have a sturdier fiberglass reinforced core to better aid in roll speed, and drifting control. The 2 larger sizes would best fit on boards with more wheel clearance and an intended higher freeriding speed.