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Screen Printing has nearly limitless possibilities - Let us take your idea and turn in into something you can wear.



  • If you are at all confused by our pricing structure please email us ( - the easiest way to get an estimate on your apparel project is to contact us and work with a printshop representative.

    • (For orders with more than one print location,  add extra setup and printing costs for each new location)

    • GARMENT COST - Costs for apparel can vary largely depending on the quality and material of the garment; T-shirts generally range from $3-8 per garment. E-mail us for apparel recommendations and price estimates - we also have samples in-store.

    • SETUP - We charge $25 per screen setup (50% off for re-orders). The Screen Printing process requires graphics to be separated by color;  Each color used, will need it’s own custom silk-screen. Apart from the screen setup most jobs do not require any addition costs. Additional setup requests include: Ink Changes, Pantone Matching, Sampling, Name Drops (such as names for the back of jerseys), Rush orders (anything with a turnaround of under 48 hours), Abnormal art preparation (more than 30 min).

    • PRINTING - Printing costs are based on the number of print colors used and the quantity of prints needed; Find your price per print below. (For orders with more than one print location, add extra printing costs for each new location)



    1. Send us Your Art - Please send the highest quality art possible (we will let you know if the art is not high enough quality). We also have graphic designers in-house that can work with you to create new art if needed.

    2. Preparation - We will need to know several things before we can begin working on your project (we will work with you to sort out any confusion).
      -How large do you want the art to be and where do you want it printed on the garment?
      -Do you have a specific brand or style you like for apparel?
      -How many pieces are you looking to order and what sizes do you need?
      -Deadlines - Let us know of any deadlines you need to meet!

    3. Review Mockups and Quote - We will send you mockup image/s on the art superimposed onto the apparel along with a detailed quote of the costs involved (this way you know exactly what you are getting).

    4. Finalize Art / Final Approval - We will make the final changes based on your approval or disapproval of the mockup image/s, colors, apparel brands, etc.

    5. Down Payment of 50% - We require a down payment on projects over $200 before we can proceed further.

    6. Order Apparel - We will place an order and give you an estimated start date for printing. Apparel will take anywhere from 1-7 days to arrive (we can work with your time constraints).

    7. Printing of your Apparel

    8. Final Payment and Pickup/Shipping - Come and get it... or we can ship it to you!

    9. Share your excitement and spread the stoke for Motion Printshop on social media! Any referrals brought our way will get you 10% off your next order total!




      Print Die Cut Stickers

      • $0.07 / Sq Inch - (for example a 2"x7" sticker would cost $0.98) - MINIMUM ORDER OF $25
      • Most graphics can by turned into Vinyl Decals - especially graphics with crisp clear edges/outlines.
      • Vinyl Stickers are only available in one color - however it is possible to do more than one color by having more than one layer of vinyl (contact us for more info).
      • If you are insterested in purchasing vinyl stickers - contact a printshop representative for more information.



        •  If you are looking for colors not seen below, we can get them, however they may be more expensive - email us to speak with a printshop representative.



 - 206.372.5268