What is a Footstop?

What is a Footstop?

A footstop is almost any height change in your board that keeps your foot from moving, providing a familiar landmark for your foot to find without looking down. It does not have a universal placement however, as everyone has their personal preferences of the angle and placement of their feet, which leads to tons of different footstop designs.

The simplest footstop is usually a bushing and a washer on an extra long screw. Motion Boardshop sells a footstop bushing kit here. This helps give your foot a consistent place marker to find and lock in with, as well as adding couple extra steeze points to your setup. The most ‘complicated’ footstop is custom made to be a footstop, made of plastic or metal, and has adjustable mounting holes to provide the most versatile fit for everyone. These manufactured footstops offer a bit more customization and a personal touch to any skateboard or longboard.

Bushing Kit footstop

Footstops benefit all more serious types of riding. From freeride to downhill, you can’t go wrong with a well placed footstop. Locking your feet in at speeds is a must, especially if you don't have any drops in your deck. The only discipline footstops don’t help so much with is carving or cruising. For pushing you want to be able to put your feet anywhere on the deck without trying to maneuver around an obstacle, which will make pushing around the lake a less tasking process. However, most of the crew here at Motion uses some form of footstop on their setups.

Some people on drop-decks or drop-throughs have trouble finding a place to put their footstop because the mounting holes on their decks aren't in the right place. This is easily fixed (if you don't mind using a drill on your board) by making a hole or two in the desired location and treating those like the mounting holes.

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