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Ahmyo Wheels: 76mm Akasha DH Longboard Skateboard Wheel

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A 76 mm tall 57mm wide essence of pure Downhill. 
With a 79a compact formula for those easy smooth slides and
soft ride. This wheel also features a large vented and
stronger core to maximize acceleration.
For the core placement we selected something different. 
We called it “INSET”. If you have turned your offset wheels
around, you know what this feels. The inner lips will
maintain the grip while the outer one will help you drift
easily when needed, even freshies.

Mobo Note:
Downhill wheels that feature large cores are our
favorite, and the Ahmyo Akasha is so exception. A larger core
supports the urethane increasing the wheels ability to keep
traction around tight corners at higher speeds. Bigger cores
also have an added level on control in high speed drifts,
a supported wheel has a more predictable and "snappy" drift
to slip ratio, making it easier to stay in control while
high speed drifting. This is a great wheel for anyone who is
looking to push themselves towards higher speeds while still
maintaining a safe level of control.