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ARRAY: Machined Supper Chubby XL Sleeved Washers - 2 Pack

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The Supper Chubby is the largest sleeved washer Array has ever made. It is 1 ¼” in diameter and it fits all large aftermarket bushings and reverse kingpin trucks. It was designed to fit as the bottom bushing washer (boardside)

This upgrade pack, when used with the appropriate bushings, will allow your trucks to perform to their full turning and rebounding potential. The Array machined washer sits snug against the kingpin and ensures that the truck moves as one system.

Use the Supper Chubby Sleeved Washer on bushing set-ups that include Riptide Tall Fat Cones, Tall Cones, Tall Chubbys, Street Series Chubbys, Venom Tall Kegs and Venom Eliminators.

Sleeved Barrel Washer Dimensions:
Outer Diameter - 31.75mm
Inner Diameter - 9.5mm
Thickness - 1.6mm
Height - 5mm