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Blood Orange: Jammerz 69mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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The Jammerz are a new wheel from Blood Orange that come in 82a and are going to be a long lasting, fun freeride wheel. The idea behind the Jammerz is to make a complimentary wheel to the Liam Morgan Formula, that is going to leave less thane on the ground, and be a more forgiving, and easy to initiate freeride wheel. 

People who ride Jammerz are most likely looking for a wheel that can slide on many types of pavement, do not wear down to quickly, and are freeride focused in their sliding style. If you are looking for a city slashing wheel for your double kick the 60mm Jammerz are the right choice for you, and if you are looking for a more slide oriented ride focused on long drifts and great roll speed, the 69mm Jammerz are the best choice. If you cannot make up your mind the versatile 66mm Jammerz are best.

Both the 69mm and 66mm Jammerz come with a supportive centerset core, and all of these wheels come stone ground.

Sizes available: