Boosted: Dual Plus Electric Longboard Skateboard Complete

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Motion Note: Boosted boards are innovative, electric skateboards! This is their fanciest and fastest, the Dual Plus. We included all of the technical specs below in a table, so lets just talk about the feel! Being a 2000 watt engine, this has the most acceleration and top speed. If you want to be speeding everywhere, this will get you going quickly. Have no fear though, there's tons of modes for different speeds! Go in eco mode for a controllable, slower, long lasting ride, or kick it into the highest for a fast acceleration any speed demon will love. Regardless the mode, you've got brakes to make sure even the most in-experienced can ride it! Past the radical electric and braking aspects, the board is a Loaded Vanguard, with 44 degree Calibers and Orangatang Inheats for wheels. I mean, c'mon, the setup alone would be fun! They made it electric and it can stop on its own?! What's stopping you! Never walk up hills again when skating! 


Loaded Vanguard Flex 3
44 Degree Calibers
80a Orangatang Inheats 

Max Speed

22 MPH 

Weight  15 pounds 
Battery Range/Distance 7 miles max 
Maximum Grade 25% Uphill 
Engine Power  2000watts