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DRANG: Dasher Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Description: The dasher is built for versatility.  This deck is the brain child of years of flirting with the limits of bending wood and even in its simplicity we guarantee you've never stood on anything like it before. What makes it difference is about a quarter inch of height in the pocket between the concave and the kicktail, but this slight edit makes a few huge differences in the way the deck flexes and rides.  It's symmetrical mold contains mellow rocker and radial concave which flares up just before the kicks.  The kicks turn up progressively with no concave loss in the pockets.  After lamination, the deck has flares, which are routed off to produce a perfectly smooth transition for the feet in the space between concave and kick tail.  Because of the slow smooth bend into the kick, the trucks can be mounted rearward for a more downhill oriented configuration.  

We recommend using 150mm trucks with side set wheels, and 160mm trucks with center set wheels.  The kick will function best with a bit of riser under low trucks, and wheels can be as large as 75mm depending on how much lean your setup is rockin.  At Maryhill you could use 80mm wheels with no risers and you'd be golden.