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Foster Skateboards: The Tombstone Longboard Skateboard Deck

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The Tombstone is our first offering into the realm of smaller DH/Freeride boards. This board features mellow radial concave, rocker, mellow flares, and our signature rear “Ghost W”. These features, although mellow, do a fantastic job keeping your feet in position at speed and when initiating high speed slides. Get your narrow trucks and big wheels ready, pick up a Tombstone, and head out to your local hills!


Length: 32”(81.28cm)

Width at Belly: 9.25”(23.5cm)

Width at Trucks: 8.5”(21.59cm)

Wheelbase: 20.5-21.5”(52.07-54.61cm)


The Tombstone is crafted out of 7 plies of hard rock Great Lakes Maple and two layers of Triaxial Fiberglass.

The Tombstone and its graphic were designed in collaboration with team rider, Cami DeMaria.