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Free Wheel Co: Free Thiqq Willy Longboard Wheels

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The THIQQ WILLY is a big meaty freeride wheel that we developed for downhill drifting. This is a wheel that shares a similar place as the FREE AGENT in the sense that it is meant for faster freeriding, has a supportive core, and blends the performance attributes of a more sturdy wheel core, with the thaney slides of the GOLD STANDARD Formula. We built this wheel with a similar profile as the Free Willies, but made them wider, and taller to give them better roll speed, as well as more meat to wear through for those longer hill bombs. This wheel might not be the most fun for standup riding, but will be one of the better high speed performance dumpy wheels you could buy. This wheel is meant to be better at sliding then gripping.

Height - 75mm
Width - 54mm
Durometer - 78a
Formula - Gold Standard
Bearing Seat - Offset
Contact Patch - Stoneground

Grip - 5/10
Kick Out Resistance - 5/10
Speed Killing - 5/10
Hook Up Feel - 5/10