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Free Wheel Co. Free Thoughts Longboard Wheels

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The Free Thought is the best wheel we make for sliding. The completely sideset bearing seat, and fully rounded lips, and narrow contact patch make this wheel shape very easy to initiate into slides without having huge hookup. Combine that with the most dope-diculously slidey urethane we can offer called the PLATINUM FORMULA, and you have a wheel that can slide circles around your friends, and then off the side of the road. Please dont bomb double yellows on these wheels. Straight hill freeriding, huge slides, and just general steeze can be the highlights of riding these wheels. They barely kill speed,  but thats fine.

Height - 70mm
Width - 43mm
Durometer - 79a
Formula - Platinum
Bearing Seat - Sideset
Contact Patch - Stoneground

Grip - 1/10
Kick Out Resistance - 1/10
Speed Killing - 1/10
Hook Up Feel - 1/10