Hi5ber: Wasp longboard Skateboard Deck

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Quite easily the most advanced deck produced by Hi5ber, HANDS DOWN. We're calling it the Wasp and it sports a premium carbon fiber honeycomb weave. A distinct advantage to the Wasp is its 3D CNC-machined foamcore construction with 0° mounting throughout the wheelbases; even though the rear wheelbases are located on the unique spoontail kick. This is a serious board designed to pump and maneuver like it's nobody's business. The Wasp is absolutely perfect for Maryhill and wiggling in between cones.


Mobo note:  As the downhill skateboarding trend continues to push the limits of grip and speed with smaller wheel base options and narrow truck widths, The Hi5ber Wasp pushes the limits with cutting edge skateboard technology.  Join the movement and increase your ability to corner and take those race lines on the Hi5ber Wasp.