Loaded: Kanthaka Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Motion Note: In response to the huge number of longboarders looking to shred a board with kicktails, Loaded Longboards created the Kanthaka as part of their 2013 lineup. Hybrid boards have become all the rage recently as longboarders have started incorporating more of the classic shortboarding ride style into their longboarding. The Loaded Kanthaka is one of the most progressive hybrid boards we've seen on the market and you can tell that Loaded put a lot of thought into creating this board, which is extremely different than the boards Loaded has released in the past. The twin kicks aren't the only thing separating the Kanthaka from the rest of the Loaded lineup. The Kanthaka is one of only two loaded boards to have a rockered standing platform. It also features flared wheel wells, which not only reduces the risk of wheelbite but creates more aggressive and steep concave over all four wheels. The result is comfortably fitting foot pockets and more leverage over both trucks. The Loaded Kanthaka features progressive concave which means this board feel both comfortable and secure! At first sight, the Kanthaka may look more like a short board for park shredding. But the Kanthaka is really a do-it-all deck! It has very, very little flex (just enough to keep your wheels on the pavement during monstrous slides). That means the Kanthaka can handle some really fast and gnarly freeride sessions and you speed wobbles and instability won't be a huge issue. With it's dual vertical laminated bamboo core, Loaded's construction for the Kanthaka was spot on. They managed to create a unique board with bangin' curves that's not only extremely durable but also lighter than a feather for way more air with way less effort!