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Orangatang: The Keanu 66mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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The Keanus are the smallest wheels in Orangatang's lineup of new center set freeride longboard wheels. The 66mm Keanus feature round lips and a stone ground finish for days and days of easy slides, and are really versatile, compact wheel that'll fit most top mount setups easily with room to spare. The Keanus feature center set cores, allowing you to flip your wheels if you notice wonky wearing and eliminate the problem. This means your wheels will last longer and you'll skate longer! Choose from three different durometer options: 80a, 83a and 86a.


We recommend going with the orange 80a Keanus if you're on the lighter side or if you want a wheel with a bit more drift and a predictable slide that kills a good amount of speed. On the other hand, the harder 86a Keanus are ideal if you want to spend the maximum amount of time possible in the sideways position, and if you're not looking to kill tons of speed when you slide. If you're on the heavier side, you'll also appreciate the 86a Keanus. If you want a wheel that'll do it all and has the perfect grip to slip ratio, check out the 83a Orangatang Keanus!

 Size Durometer Contact Patch Bearing Seat Finish
66mm 80a, 83a,86a 38mm Centerset Stoneground