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Hawgs: 67mm Tracer Hawgs Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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Motion Note: Tracer Hawgs are some of the thaniest and most fun freeride wheels in the game! Known for their dark, thane line dropping nature, these wheels have a stupidly easy slide. Being pre-broken in, they slide like butter from the second you get them, till you can no longer ride them anymore. They slide as easily as wheels that would on top of the pavement, but definitely are sliding in the pavement. This means you get smooth initiations, but predictability. Seeing as they thane so much, they're not going to last the longest, but they are some of the most fun wheels you could ride, and will satisfy any level of skater. Nothing like becoming a kid again, and marvelling at the gosh darn thane. 

Dameter Durometer  Contact Patch
Bearing Hub
67mm 78a 30mm Center set