Madrid: 2017 Deviant Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Motion Note: Max Dubler's pro-model, the Deviant, is a drop deck with speed, sliding and the utmost performance in mind. The front and back drop differ; the front being more of a bowl to create more turning leverage, while the back is more radial to lock your back foot in to kick out slides. Beyond that, the wheelbase options range widely, letting you get the slow turning, stable drop-deck, or the nimble, quick reacting technical shredder. Plus, the concave is comfortable and even features rocker to lock you in further. If you're looking for an awesome drop deck, the Deviant is your guy! 

Length Width Wheelbase Features
38.375" 9.75" 28.25-31.25" W and radial concave, variable wheelbases, CNC wheelwells, 1/2" drop with bowled front and radial back, rocker