Madrid: 2017 Trapstar Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Motion Note: The Trapstar from Madrid is a topmount with seriously comfy pockets and places to lock your feet in. It's Justin Rolo's pro-model, meaning it has tons of gangster steeze infused. Past the G-ness, you have a wedged front truck to give you performance and turning in the front, with a more stable rear. Along with that, the wedge gives you a place to put your foot, and when complimented with the W in the back, you have all the traction you could need to keep your feet in place through crazy corners. The wooden version is less expensive and still balling, but extra cash will get you the formica enforced, long lasting shred machine. 

Length Width Wheelbase Features
36" 10" 27 - 28.5" W and radial concave, wedge in the front with a sharp up-turned pocket, rocker, variable wheelbases, CNC wheelwells, GANGSTER STEEZE