Madrid: Dominant 34.5" Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Motion says: As much as we like MAX DUBLER, we think that we like his new DOMINANT Pro deck more! This board is essentially the micro-dropped freeride machine you are dreaming of. A generous tub drop and comfortable yet controlling concave make this board easy to stand on and easier to maneuver. With the centered W concave this board is simple to lock into and makes drifting feel more natural with less fear of foot movements. This board is a surf inspired shape and it provides some taper unlike years past. This taper is going to allow your back foot to reach out and feel the edges of the board better for more confidence while crushing drifts. 


L: 34.5"  W: 9.675"  WB: 25"-27"

Created with input from the whole team, the Dominant is our version of the modern micro-dropped downhill, freeride, and race deck. We took the 1/2” dropped, 1/4” rocker, directional W-concave Deviant mold and cut out a classic topmount shape that tapers from 9.625” wide under the front foot to 8.75” under the back foot, then added 1/8” under flush to allow for smaller wheelbases and sanded deep wheel wells so you can run big wheels without bite. The resulting board seems to disappear under your feet, making slides easier without sacrificing grip. We think you’ll like it.