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Madrid: Pro Series Snitch 32.5" Slant Longboard Skateboard Deck

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The Snitch is a new board from Madrid that is the Pro Model deck of Harry Clarke.

This board has a wedged nose like the Trapstar, but features different specs and concave.

Length: 32"
Width: Front 9.5"  Back 8.85"
Wheelbase: 21.5" Inner 23.25" Outer

Throughout the year, Harry Clarke has been stopping by the Madrid woodshop to tweak and refine his new signature board shape, the Snitch. We think Harry likes his new board because he just locked-up the 2019 IDF World Championship! Now you can ride what Harry rides with two flossy gold graphic options to choose from. The front-foot "Money Pocket" keeps you locked-in and drives steering from the front of the board by creating a unique drop-wedge pocket. The Formica/Maple construction keeps the board ridged at high speeds with deep wheel-wells providing plenty of clearance. Catch the Snitch today!

L: 32” W: 9.5” WB: 21.5” - 23.25”
9-Ply Formica, Money Pocket, Made In USA