Madrid: 2017 Nessie Longboard Skateboard Deck

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There's a new creature lurking around Motion Boardshop- it's the elusive new Madrid Nessie! This downhill freeride monster is chock-full of rad features, including a kick tail, wheel flares, flush truck mounts, rocker, and Madrid's new concave creation-  dubbed "power orbs". Power orbs are arched pockets found both on the front and rear of the standing platform that keep your feet locked in no matter where they may be. So whether you're sliding, tucking, or simply cruising around, you'll feel locked in tight on this bad boy. Oh, and it has a sleek, black formica top sheet, which not only looks badass, but increases the decks torsional stiffness and helps to reduce road vibrations. 

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Madrid Nessie Deck Specs

Length Width Wheelbase Concave
38.25" 9.625" 23", 25.25"  3/4" of rocker, wheel flares, and "power orbs"