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Cloud Ride: 66mm Mini-Slides Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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New Cloud Ride Mini-Slides are here! Mini-Slides are exactly what the name implies- miniature versions of Cloud Ride's popular 70mm Slide wheel. Just like the classic slides, the 66mm Mini-Slides are made with Cloud Ride's sugary soft urethane giving them a uniquely smooth slide that's smooth across all sorts of pavement. The Slides are known for their stone ground surface and bevelled lips, which allows the wheel to slide easily imperfections and cracks with less chance of catching. The Mini-Slides feature a narrower contact patch than 70mm Slides, so they'll break traction with a bit less effort. Mini-Slides are currently available in three durometers- 80a (teal), 83a (blue) and 86a (purple). Mini Slides are poured from the same urethane as Slides and Ozones which means it's a bit on the soft side, so if you're looking for a really slidey wheel, we recommend the 83a or 86a Mini-Slides. However, if you're looking for more of a freeride oriented wheel with a bit more grip, the 80a Mini Slides are the ones for you. 


Cloud Ride Mini-Slide Wheel Specs

 Size Durometer Contact Patch Lips Bearing Mount
66mm 80a, 83a, and 86a 38mm Bevelled Offset