Moonshine: Hooch Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Motion Note: Moonshine Mfg is a rad new company out of Hood River, Oregon. What sets them apart from the other new companies are the construction of their decks being ridiculously lightweight and durable. This is achieved by bamboo, vertical lamination and other nifty components bringing you light and strong decks. The Hooch is a do-it all topmount shred stick. With radial concave, rocker and wheelflares, you get the distinct points to wedge your feet in for freeriding. Also, they orchestrate great places to dig into for a tuck. Add in slight kicks, flush mounting and such lightweight construction, this deck will literally shred anything you want.  

The Moonshine Hooch is a Freeride and Downhill performance multi-tool. The Hooch incorporates a deep concave, wheel flares, subtle
rocker, multiple wheel base options packed into a deck that is waterproof, ultra-lightweight and ultra durable. Our vert-lam wood core
and 60D thane rail deliver a responsive and high-performance ride. *Grip Sold Separately.

Dimensions:  38" x 9.75"

Wheelbase Options: 23.5" | 24.25" | 25" | 25.75"

Length Width Wheelbase Features
38.25 9.875" 23.5-25.75"

1/2" radial center cave, 5/8"

wheel flare, slight rocker,

flush mounting