Ojoom Pucks

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These are some of the most slippery pucks on the market, and a favorite of your favorite skaters. They come in packs of 2, and are going to provide some of the most consistent and catch free slides you could want. 

Nate's Testimonial: 

I have had issues for years with dislocating shoulders, and when I use certain pucks the grabby nature, or milled in logo will catch on the pavement, and will yank my arm out of its socket. Sometimes the puck material just doesn't slide that well either which leads to my arm getting ripped out. A couple good friends advised me to start riding Ojoom Pucks in order to prevent this from happening. Ever since the switch, I have noticed a DRASTIC reduction in the number of times my shoulders pop out of their sockets, and have found that I am able to skate roads that I was previously afraid of skating for fear of bad pavement, tar snakes, or simply not wanting to risk putting a hand down. I can honestly say that Ojoom pucks have added to the quality of my longboarding, and have made it easier for me to feel confident when skating down hills.