Pantheon: Sage Longboard Skateboard Deck

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The Sage shape is our best rendition of a large single kick downhill board. We made slight changes to the shape this year, while changing the mold more drastically by increasing the platform size by just 1/2 inch but adding a fatty W-concave in the middle. We gave the Sage a little more taper this year and slimmed the width down to 9.6 inches to maximize board and rail feel and provide the most grip for your feet. Concave is a tricky beast, and we honed through several different widths before settling on 9.6 inches–the same width as our Sacrifice, which we originally designed the mold around. Imagine that!

Wheelbases from 26-28 inches with a kicktail make this board 39 inches long. We spread out the wheelbases evenly this year, which provided a little bit of extra room for making the kicktail just a bit longer and more angled. You’re gonna love it!