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Pantheon: "Summit Series" CHiller Pro Carbon Longboard Skateboard Deck

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Pantheon CHiller Pro

MicroDrop Technical Downhill Longboard


The original Scoot deck has been revamped this year, with the greatest changes taken on this deck since its inception. How big, you ask? Not big at all. Most notably, we are renaming this deck after the skater who has been pushing its limits for years, sometimes beyond what we even thought was possible! Chase Hiller with a standup topside pendy, anyone? The CHiller Pro deck and mold has been one of the most epic shapes we’ve ever created, so there’s hasn’t been much fixing to be done! Actually, we changed as little as possible, while satisfying the desires of our top rider and combining that with our own shaping evolution. Chase and I have talked a lot about this deck over the years, and the very clear things he loves about it are the drops and the platform size. So we didn’t touch the platform size, and the drop work that we did on the deck really doesn’t affect the functionality of the deck, except that they are a little more pronounced than last year’s model, but the drops hide into the shape a little better.


All of the Summit Series decks are produced locally at World Tree Workshop and made to order in small batches. If the product is on backorder, it will be produced and shipped inside of three weeks. We will produce these in small runs, reflective of the orders that are coming in, and we’ll slowly try to get ahead over time. Bear with us and know that we will have your board produced as soon as possible with utmost care into each piece.


We aren’t just sticking Chase’s name on a deck as a vanity project. Proceeds from board sales go into helping Chase cover costs associated with his racing career, from ramen noodles to plane flights. Your purchase helps support his skateboarding. Having a direct connection from board sales to financial support is more rare than you might think in the longboard world.


In order to produce the lightest and most durable possible construction, we decided to take the construction of the CHiller to the next level–our Summit Series construction. The core of the board is made from poplar, a very lightweight and fast growing wood that is purchased locally and then glued up and made into core blocks. We then take the core blocks and machine them very precisely, so that, after the wood is glued up and bent into shape, all of the features of the board, including wheel wells, flush mounts, and urethane bumpers, fall into the exact right place. Carbon fiber is pressed with the core in a compression mold all at once, creating an extremely solid bond with a smooth carbon finish on a deck that is unable to warp and will handle your abuse like a champ. Purple urethane bumpers cover the nose and tail to help guard your deck from impact damage, and the side rails are hand rubbed with an oil finish to keep out the elements. The end result is nothing short of a piece of rideable art.


The biggest change you’ll notice is that we’ve added a tail! This is hardly a requirement for a downhill longboard, but it is a great addition for fun! We also made some very slight tweaks to the shape, including taking in the width to 9.6″. Along with the thinner profile, what else you’ll notice most is slightly more pronounced curves in the drops and a slightly stronger W-concave–just barely. The W shape is modeled almost exactly off last year’s Sage/Sacrifice W-concave at its peak height, and then its egg-shaped profile thins out and becomes less significant toward the front. Last and certainly not least, we set this puppy up the way that Chase has been riding it, by flush cutting and shortening the wheelbase. Repeat: the platform size HAS NOT CHANGED, but the wheelbase has!


The most notable thing about this deck is just how functional these curves are going to feel. The CHiller Pro has every feature you could possibly want in a downhill longboard, if you’re a feature-lover. The concave is not basic at all, but it packs the features into the deck in a very ergonomic way. It almost feels like suction cups for your feet. It’s kinda ridiculous. You’re going to look at it and wonder who we sold our soul to in order to bend wood like this, and then you’re going to stand in it every chance you get and attack hills with more confidence than ever. Ridiculously ergonomic wood bends combined with a super lightweight and strong board make for a winning combination.

Tech Specs:
Length: 36.3″
Width: 9.6″
Wheelbase: 24.25-26.25″
Drop: .375″ Modified Crescent